Experience: Healthcare Investment strategy

[In 2004,] members of the Aethos team acted on behalf of a private equity client seeking to inject capital to incubate and grow a hospital group engaged in the provision of mental health facilities and associated services in the United Kingdom.

The team members conducted the commercial, technical and legal due diligence on behalf of their client, analysing and evaluating the target’s market strengths, before guiding the execution of the investment. Crucially, members of the Aethos team advised on and actively engaged in negotiations with key stakeholders to support and finalise the acquisition of premises for the hospital.

After the successful investment, one of the Aethos team served as the shareholder representative on the board of directors for the client, guiding the management team in developing the growth strategy and business plan of the hospital in a mutually beneficial and supportive way that promoted the investors’ initiatives and maximised the quality of investment return.

The growth strategy involved a significant level of corporate restructuring, which members of the Aethos team actively facilitated, recruiting key personnel and guiding the organisational set-up of the hospital.

Having provided expert incubation support on behalf of their client, members of the Aethos team supported the investor group in preparing the hospital for sale, guiding the negotiations with various buyers, before finalising the terms of a successful transaction with a large hospital operator.

During the investment period of 2004 to 2015, the hospital expanded its total capacity from 25 beds to 950 beds.