Organisational Development

C-level talent management

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Executive training and development
  • Executive coaching

Aethos understands that the quality and training of senior management members plays a vital role in delivering sustainable business growth and directly contributes to maximising shareholder value and market reputation.

Aethos can support clients and their businesses through mentoring, coaching and strategic planning initiatives to help them set the right cultural framework for their organisations to nurture talent and accelerate growth. Aethos also builds programmes designed to deliver on-going talent management support in order to ensure our clients remain competitive. We provide support from the initial recruitment and selection process, right through to the training and development of executive personnel.

Succession planning

  • Preparation of succession plans
  • Training and development for next-level executives

In conjunction with our corporate restructuring advisory offer, Aethos works with client businesses to create and deliver succession plans that identify future C-suite executives from within the company and develop them over time. Recruitment from within engenders a culture of corporate cohesion and loyalty crucial to the success of a SME, aligning incentives, rewarding commitment and strengthening the corporate gene pool.

Key man risk

  • Key man risk planning

As part of our overarching talent-management services, and strategic consultancy, Aethos recommend key-man risk assessments, identifying areas of a organisation that may be too reliant on key individuals. Aethos is experienced in reshaping organizational structures and competencies to maintain a balanced and sustainable delegation of responsibilities in the interests of good governance and operational efficiency.

Performance management

  • Performance management systems
  • Compensation, benefits and incentives

Aethos helps businesses grow their corporate capacity building. Our long experience tells us that a motivated and dynamic workforce plays a crucial role in delivering year on year growth. We design and develop bespoke performance and rewards programmes for our clients. Our performance management and reward systems are specifically designed to boost retention levels of C-suite executives, providing continuity within a business, and producing a platform for continuous and remunerative growth.